EVLN: Fiat ups the amount lo$t on each 500e sold> (a 2012 compliance EV)
FCA loses a staggering $20000 on every one of its all-electric cars
Fiat ... said ... that FCA is losing up to $20,000 ... on the electrified
Fiat 500 ...
EVLN: Tale Of 2 (Very Different) Chevy Bolt Dealers> East vs West= a study
in contrast
As Chevy Is Tested By Tesla, Tale Of Two Bolt Dealers ...
Chevy dealer (Los Angeles): ready for an EV future ... the whole dealership
has been retrofitted and staffed for the age of the electric car: it's got
EVLN: He’s pretty happy with his wife's Bolt EV, but not the
counterintuitive shifter
BEST OF THE BOLT ... Allen and Elissa Armstrong are driving toward a more
sustainable future ... She also gave the go-ahead to talk … They’re serious
about sustainability ...
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