Those people who do not in CA may think the most they have to deal with are
earthquakes, the occasional street flooding, and sunburns.

But northern CA (which begins at about Monterrey which is way south of SF)
has its own issues. Especially north of SF, as they get much more
rain/moisture regularly, so it is a lot greener (looks more like southern
OR) up there. After the rains, all that growth dries out and is perfect
tinder for fires in autumn (now). See,

There are many fires going on right now, which the above item says has over
taxed the firefighters. It is a big enough deal that many TV shows were
preempted for live coverage. In the above story, walk through their images

Several of the images show vehicles that have been burn to a cinder from the
intense heat of the surrounding flames, see

While we know of the damage the hurricane did to Houston, FL, and Puerto
Rico, we now have many small areas suffering from devastation from the
NorCal fires.

The above link with the vehicle images seem to only show burn ice, but IMO
there are unreported burnt EVs and public EVSE up there too.
shows plenty of L2 with some L3 installed up there. 

I mention this to bring to mind, what about the EVs and the public EVSE that
took so many years to get established up there, is now partially destroyed.

Besides what homes& their solar systems that have to be rebuilt, any fire
damaged EVSE infrastructure will also have to be repaired as well.
IMO, smoked EVs& public EVSE are a set back to the EV-cause.

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