Breakthrough lithium battery charges to 90% in just 5 minutes
Toshiba's SCiB Super Charge Lithium ion Battery
Toshiba have stunned the world with their announcement of...
Dec 23, 2007
Green Car Congress: Toshiba Launches New Li-Ion Battery Business ...
Dec 11, 2007 - With the SCiB Toshiba has progressed beyond the breakthrough
in fast ... 
... A 35kW/Hr battery will run a small car about 150 miles range and a
Mid-size SUV for ... That is 200 kilo or 400 lb and assuming a high $3000
per kWh it is a $30.000 battery ...
Toshiba launching SCiB batteries in March: 5 min charge, 10 year ...
Dec 11, 2007 - Toshiba launching SCiB batteries in March: 5 min charge, 10
year lifespan! ... tank full and go 300 plus miles( probably will be
varation on 50 amp charger as ... 5 mins so expect chargers to be 200 to 300
amps with 4p or 6p cells stacks ) ...
Toshiba Partnering with Mitsubishi To Develop Li-ion SCiB Battery ...
Jul 2, 2010 - The SCiB is Toshiba's rechargeable lithium-ion battery that
.... 150wh/kg should be enough for Toshiba to do a 200 mile nominal range
car, given the very good SOC. ... Posted by: wintermane2000 | July 02, 2010
at 06:42 PM.
Toshiba Lithium for Proterra's New 40s
September 12, 2014 ... Proterra has chosen Toshiba's SCiB brand
lithium-titanate batteries for its next ... Single-charge range is a
“nominal” 50 miles, but Proterra prefers to state it at a ...

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