EVLN: (spied)> Porsche Mission E Caught Testing against Tesla EVs
Our spy photographers caught Porsche's upcoming Mission E electric car
camouflaged and testing in Germany alongside a Tesla Model S and Model X ...
The EV's profile looks almost identical to the concept sans the aggressive
front ...
EVLN: NYC Gov Cuomo's $4M EV grant2 move JFK luggage + 38 EVSE @Terminal5
JFK airport to use $4 million state grant for electric vehicles to move
Governor Cuomo is awarding the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey $4
million to reduce emissions at the airport ...
EVLN: EVs recharged in Russia off> Putin pushes (keep buying)
Vladimir Putin Likes Electric Cars But Claims They Are Dirtier Than ...
At the Russian Energy Week conference in Moscow today, he gave a nice
long-winded explanation on why electric cars—which he actually likes—are
dirtier ...

Public EVSE's metal-prongs battering-ram damage EV's L2 port= down-time&
$500 repair
Can a public charging station damage your electric car? ...
... I never knew that a charging station can damage your car ... the dreaded
error message ... check your charging system ... EV's charging port was bent
by the broken public EVSE plug ...
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