Nissan breaks ‘electric van towing record’ by moving a house with new
e-NV200 all-electric van
Oct. 5th 2017  Fred Lambert

% e-NV200 not sold in U.S. (!?) %

Nissan world premiere of new longer range e-NV200 van
Margot Robbie takes the wheel for new Nissan sustainability projects at
Nissan Futures 3.0

Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Mobility ambassador, Margot Robbie, is
back. 2:28
Oct 2, 2017 - Uploaded by NissanUK
Nissan is proud to return with a new and exciting video starring our
ambassador for Electric Vehicles and ...

This week, Nissan launched the new e-NV200 all-electric van using the same
new 40 kWh battery pack introduced in the next generation Leaf.

To showcase the new vehicle, Nissan had it attempt to break the “electric
van towing record” by moving a house.

Of course, it’s not like there are many electric vans out there to break the
record and to be fair, it was only a stunt since the e-NV200’s actual towing
capacity is 430 kg (950 lbs).

The had to fit the van with a special new towbar to support the trailer
carrying the house.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting showcase of the new electric van and the
new EV ecosystem with a vehicle-to-grid and home battery system that Nissan
unveiled with it.

Actress Margot Robbie, Nissan’s new ambassador for electric vehicles and
Intelligent Mobility, made a video about the stunt and the new Leaf/e-NV200:

If anything, it made for some very cool shots of the two new electric

As for the new electric van itself, Nissan says that the new 40 kWh battery
enables a 60% increase in range for up to 280 km (174 miles) on a single

Though as usual, that’s NEDC-rate range and the real-world range is expected
to be just a little less impressive.

Regardless, the vehicle is positioned as a zero-emission solution for urban
driving and therefore, it doesn’t need much more than that.

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe, said about the

    ‘With its longer range and excellent cargo capacity, the new e-NV200 is
the perfect last mile delivery solution for urban deliveries and
collections. Given the huge impact that business deliveries/collections and
professional drivers have on air quality and traffic congestion, especially
in city centres, helping cut the level of CO2 emissions they create is a
vital part of creating a more sustainable future.’

Previous versions of Nissan’s electric van have also been popular with taxi
operators for the same reasons.

The e-NV200 is equipped with a 80 kW (109 hp) electric motor and it is
available with DC fast-charging capacity (50 kW) depending on the trim.

In the UK, The van starts at a price of ~£24,000 (~$32,000 USD) ...

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