Cummins Teams With Gillig To Make 200-Mile Electric Buses
October 10, 2017  Mark Kane 

GILLIG- 125 years

Cummins began the APTA public transportation show in Atlanta with a big
splash, announcing its first electric vehicle partnership with GILLIG.

If you aren’t familiar with the name (we don’t blame you), GILLIG is one of
the leading transit bus manufacturers in North America, and is now looking
to use Cummins batteries and powertrains in its first electric buses.

The goal is to put electric buses on the road with 200 miles of real world
range. With 560 kWh batteries (the top option) it certainly will be
possible, and in fairly short order.

    “The technical collaboration work focuses on integrating and optimizing
new battery electric technology from Cummins that will soon power GILLIG
zero-emissions transit buses.”

    “Initial development work for the new battery electric GILLIG bus
envisions a 200-mile operating range on a single charge. The bus will
feature a direct-drive traction motor with peak torque of 3500 Nm (2582
lbs-ft), and utilize energy recovered from a regenerative braking system. A
package of e-accessories will be powered by the Cummins system. The initial
bus deployment will use a plug-in charger.

    Cummins currently powers the GILLIG series of Low Floor, BRT, BRTPlus,
Commuter and Trolley buses with a broad portfolio of clean-diesel, near-zero
natural gas and diesel-hybrid power. The addition of Cummins electrified
power systems to the bus range will align with transit customers looking to
introduce zero-emissions buses to their fleets while still maintaining
commonality with their existing GILLIG vehicles and service support

Derek Maunus, President of GILLIG said:

    “GILLIG has a very strong business relationship with Cummins — and now,
with our new technical partnership, we have been able to share our
respective technology roadmaps and jointly develop a vision to deliver the
most comprehensive, advanced technology battery electric bus in the market
for our customers,”.

    “We have leveraged our companies’ decades of heavy duty transit
experience in the design of the system, and will integrate this advanced
technology into GILLIG’s industry leading proven platform,”.

    “Cummins and GILLIG have been working together since the 1950s to
introduce innovative bus power solutions — and I am really excited to be
continuing that success forward into the new era of electric buses,”

Amy Boerger, Cummins Vice President — Sales North America said:

    “The Cummins electrified powertrain on show here at APTA represents a
major leap forward for the industry, and we are delighted that GILLIG will
have first access to this important zero-emissions technology. The
partnership enables a close technical collaboration so we can accelerate
system integration and performance optimization work to leap ahead of others
in the industry.”

    “Beyond the technical development work, the partnership will also
encompass the full range of 24/7 service support, diagnostics, over-the-air
connectivity, flexible warranty plans and training programs ready for when
these GILLIG electric buses enter service,”

    “At Cummins, we see our customer support network as equally important as
the technology we provide to ensure the success of our customers — and this
is a major advantage we will carry forward when we introduce electrified

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