EVLN: £8.3k-£21k Tacita T-Cruise Electric-cruiser motorcycle unveiled
r:80-270km (v)
Italian Manufacturer Tacita Introduces Electric Cruiser
Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita has launched an all-electric
cruiser with a massive battery for longer range ... unveiled its
all-electric T-Cruise e-motorcycle at the ...
EVLN: Bolt vs (new-Leaf & old-Leaf)> Which affordable EV is your choice?
Chevy Bolt vs. Nissan Leaf: Which affordable electric car is right for ...
The rivalry between the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the second-generation Nissan
Leaf went from flinging around theoretical specs, concept-car designs, and
... Old Nissan Leaf vs new Chevrolet Bolt EV: owners weigh in ...
EVLN: e-Dumper 100k-lb 600kWh e-truck> the energy of 8 Tesla-S 75D EVs
The e-Dumper is the World's Largest and Most Efficient Electric Truck
 ... regenerative braking ... generates a surplus of 10 kWh on its descent

?What minimum range should an EV have?> (100, 200, 300mi, +?)
It was fascinating to hear whether or not your next car will be electric,
and for those of you who are thinking of making the switch (or have done
already), there's ...
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