EVLN: Jaguar Zero> Electric Car E-type r:270km 0-100kph:5.5s (v)
Jaguar Land Rover Classic has been restoring and rebuilding ultra-classic
JLR models. The company revealed a new take on a classic with an electrified
E-type called the Zero, that is faster than the original …
EVLN: The more grown-up new Leaf& the Tesla-3 are significantly different
EV-solutions (v)
Is the Nissan Leaf all the EV you need, or should you wait for Tesla’s Model
The original Nissan Leaf enjoyed an enviable monopoly on the affordable
electric …
EVLN: EV Question #19: why do electric vehicles have to look so ... silly?
 ... it's down to 2 things: range anxiety or they always seem to look a bit
silly ... EVs  lack a certain visual dignity ... | (weird new EV platform
‘turns humans into self-driving cars’)

Former Tesla factory workers sue> a hostile environment ... : Tesla axed
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