First ‘tuned’ Tesla Model 3 spotted in New Mexico
Oct. 13th 2017 Fred Lambert

[images  / Jonathan Brusco
tesla model 3 orange
/ Unplugged-Performance-Tesla-Model-3-Concept-Front-SLIDER
/ Unplugged-Performance-Tesla-Model-3-Concept-MAIN-SLIDER

Even though Tesla has more than 400,000 Model 3 reservations, only a few
vehicles are currently on the road as the automaker is trying to ramp up

Despite the low number of cars available, one has apparently already been
modified by a third-party car tuner.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X already are popular cars to offer upgrades on
from aftermarket car modifications companies.

Some of the most popular Tesla aftermarket tuners are Tsportline, which
claims to be the “world’s first Tesla tuner”, and Unplugged Performance,
which offers some of the most popular aftermarket products, like body kits,
suspension and brake upgrades, for Tesla vehicles.

With the Model 3 expected to be a much higher volume car than Model S and
Model X, it is also expected to be popular with tuners.

Now a new Model 3 branded ‘Unplugged Performance’ was spotted in
Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is surprising itself considering Tesla’s
Model 3 deliveries have been focused in California (pictures thanks to
Jonathan Brusco):

It looks like a wrap job from the tuning company since the logo is visible
on the corner of the door.

The color and the black accents are also very similar to their Tesla Model X
kit. It is also similar to the renders that Unplugged Performance released
after the unveiling of the production Model 3 ...

Though there are parts on the renders that are not visible on the vehicle
spotted in New Mexico.

Unplugged Performance didn’t release much information about its Model 3
tuning program, but it wrote on its website:

    “In addition to Complete Vehicles, we will be offering many of our
exterior, interior, suspension and brake upgrades, for individual purchase,
allowing Model 3 owners to upgrade the areas of the car most important to

It looks like the Model 3 spotted is not a ‘Complete Vehicle’ package, but
it certainly features some exterior upgrades ...
Orange Model 3
Submitted by KP in NPT on October 13, 2017
Somebody wasted no time tricking out their Model 3. :)
First Tricked-Out Tesla Model 3 Gets Spotted In The Wild, Impresses EV Fans
With Funky Orange Color
October 13, 2017  Simon Alvarez

[image  / Tesla

New "cream" Model S interior colour #tesla #models
September 7

There are just a few hundred Tesla Model 3 units on the road, but since the
vehicles started rolling off the production line, EV fans have been keeping
their eyes peeled for sightings of the mass market electric car. Just
recently, eagle-eyed fans spotted what could very well be the first Model 3
fitted with aftermarket modifications. Needless to say, the EV looks pretty
darn good.

The modified orange Model 3 was spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is
interesting since most of the vehicle’s recent deliveries have been focused
on California. While the recently spotted EV did not seem to have Unplugged
Performance’s full body kit and performance upgrades, the vehicle is an
eye-catcher nonetheless. Its cosmetic changes, if any, completely separate
it from the rest of its Model 3 brethren that have been spotted on the roads
so far.

Immediately noticeable is the Unplugged Performance logo on the vehicle’s
driver side door, as noted in an Inside EVs report. The paint job of the
recently spotted customized Model 3 is also very reminiscent of the renders
that Unplugged Performance released when it announced the launch of its
Model 3 line.

During that time, Unplugged Performance featured a modified Model 3 complete
with a full body kit, spoilers, black accents, performance tires, and a
slick orange paint job. While the customized Model 3 spotted in New Mexico
definitely did not have Unplugged Performance’s “Complete Vehicle” package,
it did have all the cool black on orange accents that were featured in the
aftermarket EV firm’s initial renders.

The reaction of the EV community to the recently sighted modified Model 3
has been overwhelmingly positive, with many EV fans stating that the orange
and black color scheme definitely works wonders for the otherwise
understated vehicle.

In the comments section of a recent Electrek report, many Tesla fans
expressed their approval of the modified EV’s color scheme and overall
styling. Many, for one, loved the way the vehicle’s Aero Wheels contributed
to the overall look of the customized Model 3 design.

“Blackout + orange metallic. That looks great. I want that,” wrote one

“Love the aero wheels, the orange paint, and the blackout. If this was as
cheap as the midnight silver, I’d do it,” another commenter wrote.

With the Tesla Model 3 rolling off the production line in a regulated but
steady pace, it won’t be long before modified versions of the vehicle begin
saturating the streets. For now, it seems like the EV community is just
happy to welcome the very first customized Tesla Model 3.

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Impresses EV Fans With Funky Orange ... 12:56
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Orange Tesla Model 3 Spotted

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