EVLN: Tesla-3 production bottlenecks> Steep spot-welding learning curve
Tesla Model 3 production held up by welding woes?
Based on details in a Wall Street Journal report and in a video of the
production line posted on Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, experts say the
electric vehicle ...
EVLN: Dealership offered $99/mo Bolt lease> (must be a costco member) (v)
Why Are Chevy Dealers Offering $99/month Leases on the Bolt?
As electric cars become more popular in the public sphere, automakers are
jumping ... It could be that dealerships are offering attractive leases to
spur EV sales ...
EVLN: Wonder Woman aside, Danish comedy Dan Dream includes EVs
... early 1980s right as successful businessman Thorkil pivots to his new EV
dreams. ... And Jens, a shy home tinkerer whose DIY electric bike battery
planted the idea in Thorkil’s brain ...

(ot) CR testers amazed how an electrified car still drives like a new one
from 10yrs ago
How Long Will a New Electric Car Last?
 ... the old hev is still running ... pretty well ... The Tesla-S battery
will deteriorate over time, but at what rate? ... They also sell more
quickly, so don’t waste time ...
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