EVLN: Tesla’s dual connector charge ports> can use more than one charging
Currently, the charge port on all Tesla vehicles is located within the tail
light on the ... an updated Model S and Model X design featuring a new dual
connector charge port system to support more than one charging standard on
its electric vehicles ...
EVLN: Auton Bolt EVs deployed in lower Manhattan-NY
GM to Test fleet of Electric Cars In New York
GM will deploy a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt electric cars early
next year in a 5-square-mile section of lower Manhattan that engineers are
mapping ...
EVLN: Bloomberg sez auton EVs require a lot of power (v)
Self-driving systems need lots of power. So do EV motors. That's a ...
With the coming autonomous future, it's also taken for granted that cars
will all be electric or hybrid by then -- Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot
system is ...

19yrold crashes Tesla-S EV into Austrian concrete barrier> sparked fiery
Terrifying Tesla video shows unstoppable electric car inferno that ...
A BLAZING Tesla has sparked electric car safety fears after firefighters
battled to extinguish the inferno. The Model S was engulfed in flames after
its 19-year-old driver crashed into a concrete …
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