'Emirai4 won’t make production'

Mitsubishi Killed The Evo For Future Cars Like The Emirai 4 EV Concept
18 October 2017  Daniela Blot






Meet Mitsubishi Electric’s latest concept, complete with augmented reality.

Not everyone is aware of this, but Mitsubishi Electric is a separate
division from Mitsubishi Motors. Quite obviously, it specializes in
electronics, like refrigerators and air conditioners. But as we continue to
see a fusion of cars and advanced electronics, it makes complete sense for
this division to build a concept car. Meet the Emirai 4 concept, which will
make its debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show, alongside the
e-Evolution concept. The future of mobility clearly involves electronics,
and this concept is full of them.

For starters, the Emirai 4 is a pure electric vehicle that’s capable of
being driven by a human being or going completely autonomous. The interior
features a head-up display that incorporates augmented reality using a
high-accuracy locator combined with 3D mapping and positioning technology.
There’s also a knob-on-display, described as “an intuitive sliding knob that
enables drivers to operate various functions without taking their eyes off
the road.” Another feature is a so-called Crossed Images Display: a half
mirror with a diagonal LCD panel and vertical virtual image from another LCD
panel that provides a clear 3D image of the environment around the vehicle.

And here’s the cool but kind of creepy technology: driver sensing. There’s a
wide-angle interior camera that monitors both the driver and front passenger
by detecting their head postures to alert potentially dangerous driving
behavior. Safety first? Yes. But knowing the car’s computer is constantly
looking at you? Creepy. Lastly, there are sensors in the car body that can
detect when a door is about to be opened. Once that happens, the sensors
activate an illuminated indicator that’s projected onto the road surface and
another on the car itself, making it easier for other vehicles and
pedestrians to see that a door is about to open. Of course the Emirai 4
won’t make production, but a lot of its technology could one day.
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Meet Emirai 4, Mitsubishi’s autonomous EV concept
18 Oct 2017  Rowan Horncastle

Tokyo Motor Show    Mitsubishi


Kooky concept keeps Japan weird thanks to a human-machine interface and
knob-on technology

Mitsubishi doesn’t just make L200s and an SUV full of tax-dodging hybrid
gubbins. It’s also got a splinter cell business called Mitsubishi Electric –
a firm that makes escalators, air-conditioning units and other useful stuff
you’d love to see a Ralliart version of.

For the Tokyo Motor Show, said Mitsubishi Electric has knocked together a
concept car. It’s an autonomous EV called Emirai 4, and is much, erm, cooler
than an air conditioning unit.

Like any task from The Apprentice, there was ‘a theme’ to the build. That
theme being “feeling with you; convenient, safe and comfortable for each
one”. Yeah, us too. The result is a bobsled-like design that houses
technology that knows when you’re slouching, having a chat and can map the
road out in front of you in bad weather, so it can take over control to do
all the tedious things for you. Like, um, driving.

It’s all thanks to Emirai 4’s driving-assistance tech that utilises a
wide-angle interior camera to monitor the driver and passengers behaviour to
work out when you, the human, should be relinquishing your driving duties to
the computers.

There’s also scary-sounding human-machine interface (HMI) software that
incorporates a head-up display with augmented reality. The augmented reality
uses 3D mapping and positioning technology to scan and mimic the road ahead
on the head-up display to turn reality into Forza, in order to keep you
pointing forward in, say, limited visibility.

Then there’s an intriguing new technology called a ‘Knob-on’ display.
Knob-on is, in Mitsubishi’s words, an “intuitive sliding knob” that enables
drivers to operate various functions without taking their eyes off the road.
Handy. We’re told functions available via the sliding knob can be easily
amended and grouped together to make for a perfectly tactile cabin

So, a kooky tech-ridden concept from Japan. Who’d have thought it? We’ll
bring you more on this and other weirdness when we see it at next week’s
Tokyo motor show.
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 EVLN: Mitsubishi EMIRAI 2 EV Concept (video)
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Nov 25, 2013

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