EVLN: Mitsubishi Emirai4 auton EV concept> (with creepy tech) (v)
 ... Mitsubishi Electric is a separate division from Mitsubishi Motors ...
Mitsubishi doesn't just make ice and tax-dodging hybrid SUV gubbins. It's
also got a splinter cell business called Mitsubishi Electric – a firm that 
specializes in electronics ...
EVLN: Zaporizhia (ZAZ) EVs> Ukrainian postal service are already a ZAZ Lanos
EV customer
ZAZ plans to produce first electric car in Ukraine
Zaporizhia automobile building plant (ZAZ) plans to try yourself in the role
of a pioneer of electric vehicles in Ukraine. The manufacturer is ready to
release ...
EVLN: US Army's EV revolution> e-tanks, GM's auton e-Silent Utility Rover
US Army doesn't want to be left out of the electric revolution ...
electrification would likely encourage manufacturers to accelerate their EV
efforts. The US army has its sights set on all-electric tanks ... designed
for combat. Last year General Motors reaveled an electrical autonomous
vehicle, called Silent Utility Rover ...

How important is the ability to recharge w/o plugging in a cord?> Does
wireless matter?
How much does wireless charging matter for electric cars?
On the pro side, wireless charging may be easier for owners and drivers ...
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