Hi Lawrence,


The Smart ED was my first choice for a factory EV until I found out I
couldn't get the shop manual or a OBD-2 CanBus reader like the LeafSpy I
have on the Leaf.  Then the wheeler dealer told me it had half the battery
warranty since it was half a car (not the standard 100K 8 year) OR I had to
make monthly battery payments (about $99?) or buy the battery for $5K extra
(on top of what I paid for a used Smart).  In addition I had to TOW it to
Wash DC once a year (I'm 250 miles away in Roanoke and both Mercedes dealers
here said they have nothing to do with Smarts) to have them tweak stuff to
keep the battery warranty in effect.  Smart *really* needs a Smart
dealership!  Not the bastard child of Mercedes.


Have they changed any of their policies or are they still trying to UNSELL
their EV's?


I currently own a Leaf and a Spark, like both but the Leaf has more service
info (thanks to Cor etc, not wheeler dealers).  The Spark handles better,
more fun to drive/park - but I hope it never breaks, would be harder to fix,
the polar opposite of my last conversion www.evalbum.com/4346 .


Have a renewable energy day,




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