EVLN: (ice) Experts say there's no need for a 750mi EV-range sweet spot
746 miles on a charge? Experts say sweet spot for electric vehicles is less
... Adding more battery to an electric vehicle also adds weight, which would
affect vehicle payload — a ...  Experts say there's no need ... (or they
don't want EVs to compete with ice?)
EVLN: Norwegian Opel dealers asked to stop taking Ampera-e(Bolt) EV orders
Opel asks Norwegian dealers to stop taking orders for Bolt EVs ...
... than in the US. So much so that Opel has now asked its Norwegian dealers
to stop taking orders for the new all-electric vehicle as supply can't match
demand ...
EVLN: S&X based Electric Tesla service vehicles
Tesla is about to come out with a new all-electric service vehicle based on
the Model S and Model X vehicles ... We didn’t think it was very cool to
show up to fix an EV w/ a ice ...

Employees protest mass firings @Fremont-CA Tesla factory
Tesla has 33,000 employees worldwide, including 10,000 at its Fremont
electric car factory. The company is rushing to get its much-anticipated
Model 3 vehicle ...
Untruths in Toyota advertising: lies, lies, and more lies
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