Are you asking me? I'm sorry but I don't understand why you are asking the question. Personally, I don't think an ICE is better, environmentally, than an EV.


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Why would a polluting ICE be better than a ZEV?

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Yep. 240, or maybe 300, miles range is sufficient for road trips. At least for me. But charge time has to be quicker. At least 100kW? That's still 40-50 minutes for an 80% charge. For now, I can rent an ICE on those occasions. But then we still need ICEs.


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% These were the same ice-bozos that said there is no need for more than 50 miles, nor 100 mile, nor 200+ mile range ... but the public is only thinking what those same ice experts have told them: more range is better, thus more
range sells. %
746 miles on a charge? Experts say there?fs no need
Oct 22, 2017  Eric D. Lawrence / Detroit Free Press

(bolt) Industry watchers and auto executives are tapping the brakes on the idea that the future of mainstream electric vehicles will be tied to an ever-expanding range. Some now say they believe the sweet spot for battery
range might already have been reached

DETROIT ?\ Elon Musk predicted two years ago that a Tesla should be able

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