Electric-powered Hyundai Kona prototype seen with heavy camo
October 20, 2017  Marcus De Guzman


Hyundai's latest B-segment crossover may soon be available with electric
power it seems. Spotted by our spies recharging its batteries, the Kona EV
prototype could serve as Hyundai's smallest EV offering when it hits

Slated to be released sometime in 2018, the EV prototype appears relatively
the same despite the heavy camouflage. However, our spies do suspect that it
may not have a front grill since it will not have an engine to begin with.
The rear appears unchanged as well and still carries the familiar

As far as its electric powertrain is concerned, the Kona EV will be
available in two power stages, 39.2 kWh and 64.2 kWh. With the bigger
battery, Hyundai expects that the crossover will have a maximum range of 500
km before needing to be recharged. However, under real-life conditions, that
range could drop to 300 – 350 km.

We're not sure either if the Kona EV will only come with front-wheel drive
or with all-wheel drive. If it goes for the latter route, the Kona EV may
come with two electric motors that can power each axle.

Expect to make its world debut in the metal next year.
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2019 Hyundai Kona EV spied
October 24, 2017  Other than new alloy wheel designs, however, there are no
distinct design changes visible through the heavy camouflage of this
prototype  With that in mind, expect a different grille to feature on the
EV, likely a closed unit similar to that on the electric version of the
Hyundai Ioniq – as there is no ...
Electric Hyundai Kona caught recharging
Oct 20, 2017  The 64kWh Kona is scheduled to land in the UK next year and
will sell for around £30,000. According to the same report, LG Chem will be
in charge of providing most of the powertrain’s components and the electric
motor will be the same one as found inside the Chevrolet Bolt.  The new Kona
EV is expected to cover up to 210 miles with the biggest battery ... will
change sometime next year when the small crossover will go fully electric.

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