> On Oct 27, 2017, at 7:10 PM, Lawrence Rhodes via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org> wrote:
> I got an idea from an old VW ad.  
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vATQaJmUdh8Just how much can you cut from the 
> skin and chassis use lighter wheels and springs and still have some safety.  
> For instance if you hacked up a VW van and put a Leaf Drive train or even 
> smaller like a Chevy Spark or Smart drive train.  Reinforced with carbon 
> fiber.  Do some aero mods.  I bet you could get the shell of a VW Bus from 
> the 90's down to under 1500 pounds.  Our little friend the VW bug was chopped 
> rather severely but at a lighter weight it doesn't have to be so strong.  
> Just thinking out loud on how to make a viable solar vehicle without breaking 
> the bank. The shell of the vehicle would be your guide.  You could easily 
> chop the top.  So many places carbon fiber could be used to fill in the 
> chopped parts and strengthen the vehicle.  Lawrence Rhodes   

I think in the case of an old VW bug (and even more so a VW bus), your worse 
enemy is drag. My 1969 VW is pretty light, but gets pretty terrible watt/hours 
per mile (280-300…on average, 250 if you are careful and avoid hills). My Model 
S can get below 300 pretty easily, and that car is as heavy as a tank. 
Aerodynamics and drag are the key factors here, so instead of concentrating on 
weight you’d have to concentrate on aero, and have some wind tunnel time to 
make it 

However, I do know that some P100D/L Model S’s dropped 0.1-0.2 seconds off 
times by simply removing the interior bits…so weight does mean something. I 
wonder if a 50kwhr MS pack could deliver the same amount of energy to such a 
car? If so, the drop in weight would make it a monstrosity on the drag strip.

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