Tesla-powered electric bus project spotted charging at a Supercharger
Oct. 25th 2017 Fred Lambert

Tesla owner Bruno Mugniery caught this Volvo XC90 [pih] at Tesla’s Chambéry
Barberaz Supercharger in France last week  Bruno half-jokingly asked the
owner how his car was charging on the Supercharger network after he came
back to the vehicle, but the driver quickly left
battery monitor
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced last year that the automaker was working on an
electric and autonomous minibus based on the Model X platform. He said that
the Model X is surprisingly well equipped to fit a bus body, but he later
expressed doubts about the minibus program going forward due to the upcoming
advent a shared autonomous car fleet.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that a Tesla powertrain isn’t fit for a bus as
evidenced by a new Tesla-powered electric bus project spotted charging at a
Supercharger station.

In Europe, where Tesla uses the standard type 2 plug, you can often see
non-Tesla electric vehicle trying to charge at its Supercharger stations.

The connector can actually go in the plug, but the vehicle won’t charge
because it needs to do an electronic handshake with the vehicle, which only
Tesla vehicles can do.

Furthermore, Tesla’s Superchargers can charge at up to 120 kW, which is not
supported by any passenger electric car other than Tesla’s at the moment.

Some other EV owners will go as far as plugging their vehicle in a
Supercharger just for the parking space knowing that it won’t actually
charge the car.

While Tesla has reportedly been in talks with automakers about sharing its
charging network at times, no non-Tesla vehicle that we know of can
currently charge at a Tesla Supercharger.

Which is why this sight captured by Pavel Zhuravlev at Tesla’s Oakdale
Supercharger station in Minnesota is so interesting (via Tesla Owners
Facebook group) [
] ...

We see what appears to be a custom-built electric bus plugged-in at the
Supercharger stall.

Furthermore, a visible battery monitor seems to be indicating that the bus’
battery pack is actually pulling power from the Supercharger:

The leading explanation right now is that the bus is equipped with a fully
functional Tesla powertrain, which is why it is visibly compatible with the

We have seen plenty of electric conversion car projects using at least parts
of Tesla’s powertrain, like this impressive electric kit car that ran an
insane 9-second quarter-mile, but nothing like this bus ...
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