EVLN: 1Pedal e-driving fun& excitement> 2keep ice-head's driver involvement
Why Future Cars Will Only Have One Pedal
How innovative technology will change the way we drive forever ... When the
new Nissan LEAF first hit the roads back in 2010, it took EVs from a niche
interest into a mainstream reality ...
EVLN: Suzuki e-Survivor> a high-riding 4x4 capable EV
Tokyo 2017: High-riding Suzuki e-Survivor shows electric future for ...
Called the e-Survivor, the high-riding electric vehicle (EV) features a
ladder frame chassis, a stylish exterior and interior, and four electric
motors that power each ...
EVLN: Exide India to make Li-ion batteries> (in collaboration with East
Currently, the company has been manufacturing batteries for electric
rickshaws. “We have launched a range of batteries for E-rickshaw
applications ...

Otmar is still kick'n butt & as sharp as ever ... (yaks about Tesla-3 EV
motor in video)
(It was shot ad-hoc at what looks like in front of a local Corvallis-OR
Mexican restaurant)
ot TMC& HMC auton car's AI will know your mood,emotions& converse (v)
Toyota, Honda develop cars that can read their owners' emotions
The growing hype surrounding Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla has
also focused the industry's mind on alternative technology, including
plug-in and ...

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