'Buick will likely position as an upscale alternative to the Bolt EV'

Buick Will Play A Major Part In GM’s Electric Car Strategy
Nov 3, 2017  Sean Szymkowski

2017 Buick logo on front grill at New York Auto Show

General Motors rolled out its plans for an all-electric future in the years
to come and promised 20 new electric cars by 2023. Two all-new electric cars
will arrive in the next 18 months. Although Chevrolet will absolutely be a
major part of the strategy, Buick will become an important leader in the
electric vehicle segment, mostly due to its relevance in China.

WardsAuto reports the brand will roll out its first all-electric car in 2019
based on the Chevrolet Bolt EV. News of this car first broke earlier this
year, and Buick will likely position the car as an upscale alternative to
the Bolt EV. “Buick will play a huge part” in GM’s broad electrification
strategy, Duncan Aldred, Buick chief, said.

He admitted, however, legislation and regulations will drive a lot of
vehicle electrification. This is especially true in China where the country
will require new-energy vehicles (zero emission cars) to make up 10 percent
of an automaker’s sales in 2019. The regulation will climb to 12 percent in
2020. All the while, China continues to build a plan to phase out the
internal-combustion engine in the near future. And China is incredibly
important to Buick, and GM as a whole, so it’s easy to understand why Buick
will follow the electron trail.

“We’re GM’s biggest brand in the world’s biggest market, Aldred added.
“You’ll see a number of different technologies to go toward (our)
zero-emissions objective.”

One major setback in Buick’s electrification goals is the brand’s luxury
status. Things like leather seats, premium materials and other niceties add
weight; adding weight to an electric car is never a positive attribute with
regards to range estimates. Aldred said GM’s next-generation battery
technology won’t sacrifice premium appointments in the name of range.
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