Lamborghini and GPCC unveil electric scooter
Nov 01,2017  JIN EUN-SOO

[image  / GPCC KOREA
Ferruccio Lamborghini, right, with the Iso Motor Ferruccio Lamborghini, an
electric scooter co-developed by GPCC Korea, at a press event in Seoul on
Tuesday. Lamborghini is selling an electric scooter in partnership with
Korean electric vehicle maker GPCC Korea

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the grandson of the Italian industrialist who founded
the luxury car brand, unveiled an Iso Moto Ferruccio Lamborghini edition of
an electric scooter with GPCC Korea CEO Brian Park on Tuesday in Seoul.

The two companies have collaborated on the special-edition model for the
past two years. Iso Motor is a brand owned by the Lamborghini family.

Lamborghini said “Korea’s high reputation for ICT and car technology” led
him to collaborate with GPCC Korea.

“After meeting Brian Park, I personally asked my father to follow this
project and start a new chapter in the EV business,” Lamborghini, a former
motorcycle racer, said.

“We are not only focused on two-wheeled scooters, but we also want to launch
bigger electric vehicles in the future.”

The Iso Motor scooter is able to run 65 kilometers (40 miles) on a single
charge, but can also extend its distance to 150 kilometers with additional

It can be charged with a 220-voltage plug found in most Korean homes, and
takes three to four hours to fully charge. The scooter can reach a maximum
speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

In the future, Lamborghini and GPCC Korea hope to revive the luxury brand’s
Town Life minicar with an electric upgrade.

“We are doing R&D for the Town Life minicar scheduled to launch in Korea in
2019,” Park said. “It will be able to drive up to 100 kilometers on a single
charge, and we plan to launch the electric minicar in China and other
Southeast Asian countries.”

However, he said, “We are not thinking about the North American market
because a slow-moving vehicle is not suitable for the local driving

The company hopes to sell 1,000 electric minicars.

The Iso Motor scooter will go on sale in Korea before the end of the year
with a sticker price of $4,000. It will be simultaneously launched in Japan,
Taiwan and Europe.

GPCC Korea aims to sell 2,500 scooters globally this year.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s grandfather of the same name founded the eponymous
luxury carmaker in the 1960s but sold the company in the 1970s due to
financial difficulties. The brand is now owned by German automaker Audi.
[© JoongAng Ilbo]
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