Swedish startup Uniti announces launch date for its crowdfunded EV
3 Nov, 2017  Dan Smith

Uniti EV

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On 7 December, Uniti will unveil its £17,800 electric car ahead of the new
model going on sale in early 2019

Swedish electric vehicle company Uniti will unveil its first electric car in
the metal at its brand new production facility in Landskrona on 7 December.
The plan is to then put the new car on sale in early 2019.

Set up by Australian-born entrepreneur Lewis Horne in 2016, the crowdfunded
start-up announced its intentions to produce a light EV for the milennial
market. The car is made from carbon fibre and bio composite materials and
contains features such as a fully electronic steering system and a
full-screen augmented reality head-up display. 

The Uniti car will have a 186-mile range and is available in a two-seat or
four-seat configuration. It has a dry weight of just 450kg and comes with a
target price of €20,000 (£17,800).

The crowdfunding effort was said to be record-breaking with over 1,000
investors pledging funds totalling around £18.5 million. A partnership was
set up with electronics giant Siemens, and Uniti currently has 915
reservations from customers for its car.

The grand unveiling of Uniti's car will take place along with the
presentation of the firm's new production facility in the southern Swedish
city of Landskrona. Most of 2018 will be spent planning production and
evaluating the prototyping process before the first batch of light EV’s is
delivered to customers in early 2019.

Landskrona was chosen as an ideal location for the plant after Uniti
consulted with industry leaders and stakeholders. It is in close proximity
to major Swedish cities such as Malmo and Lund as well as the Danish capital
of Copenhagen.

Founder and CEO Lewis Horne CEO said: “Landskrona is an ideal hub for
manufacturing and assembling our products. It is clear that the city has
strong ambitions to become a new technology centre in the region, and they
certainly have the resources to achieve this.”
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Uniti  - An electric car to redefine urban mobility, is reinventing city
transportation. Our mass market electric city car brings a new approach to
safety, sustainability and driving experience.
Uniti Sweden is a Swedish automotive startup founded in January 2016 by
Lewis Horne (CEO) which is developing a high tech electric city car in Lund,

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