EVLN: Porsche admits their Mission-E EV investment is an “enormous burden”
... Lutz Meschke, recently spoke with Automotive News Europe about the
company's plan to stay profitable as it invests billions into its electric
vehicle program ...
EVLN: €20k Uniti crowdfunded 2-4seat EV launch date in early 2019 r:186mi
Swedish startup Uniti announces launch date for its crowdfunded EV
Swedish electric vehicle company Uniti will unveil its first electric car in
the ... the crowdfunded start-up announced its intentions to produce a light
EV for the ...
EVLN: Gray sports "Woody of tomorrow" Designs> Hydra car, boat& motorcycle
This Is The Woody-Inspired Supercar You Never Knew You Wanted
 ... Gray Design has been dreaming up dramatic-looking vehicles for years
...  the Hydros electric motorcycle is a medium-sized in-house project that
may actually be making its way to production ...

+ using Protean in-wheel electric drive system
Protean Electric in wheel motors will first get adopted by chinese ...
Protean Electric has designed and developed a unique in-wheel electric drive
system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles

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