Life As A Super Early EV Adopter & Now EV Entrepreneur In Poland
(CleanTechnica Interview)
November 4th, 2017  Zachary Shahan


Prepping for our big new EV charging conference* — November 6–8 in Warsaw,
Poland — I’ve been interviewing EV charging leaders and general e-mobility
leaders coming in to present and participate in panel discussions all about
EV charging. You can find all of the interviews here if you’re concerned
you’ve missed some.

Speakers are experts coming in from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany,
Ukraine, Slovakia, Namysłów, and elsewhere, making Tomasz Gać’s trip from
nearby Łódz one of the easiest. But Tomek’s several years of EV ownership
and now e-mobility entrepreneurship provide a great breadth and depth of
experience. Tomek was one of the first 20 electric car owners in Poland —
maybe even one of the first 5 or 10 — and is now a cofounder of Tesla
Shuttle and ELMO Carsharing (I’m also a cofounder, as is Jacek Fior). He’s
also long had a courier company that uses the Nissan LEAF he bought in 2013
and a solar installation company (in what is still a super nascent solar

Check out my questions for Tomek below and his interesting answers.

1. How has charging an electric car in Poland changed in the past 5 years?
And 1 year?

In the last 5 years, charging in Poland has been really hard if you didn’t
have your own charging point. However, these few (fewer than 10) quick
chargers that we had were free. On the other hand, if something was broken
in a quick charger, it was hard to find somebody who wanted to fix it quick
or even could fix it at all.

On longer trips between Polish cities, you could spend a few hours at some
kind of petrol station charging with a normal outlet and getting only 2 kWh
per hour — so, those were really LONG TRIPS.

And, actually, nothing changed for a long time since 2013, when I bought my
first EV.

Last year, was much better because we saw expansion of the Tesla
Superchargers network here (now 3 in Poland, and soon will be 5) and just in
the last few weeks there’s been a quick expansion of the GreenWay network —
and this is a real game changer, but our drivers and company haven’t gotten
use to it yet. Probably in the next few months we will change some processes
and use more EVs in a more efficient way.

2. Do you think Polish EV charging infrastructure is nearly ready for the
Model 3?

Now — no.

It is really hard to say when Model 3 will get to Poland and how many
reservations we have here. I hope in the beginning of 2019 we will see the
first cars. So I hope the infrastructure will then be ready.

3. Has the evolution of the automobile market sunk in with Polish city
policymakers yet?

In cities — no. But fortunately with national policymakers, looks like it

4. What are the biggest challenges to e-mobility entrepreneurship in Poland
right now? Are those different from places like Germany, the Netherlands,
Sweden, and France?

Environmental awareness is lower in Poland, so if a company is trying to
make EVs his key component of marketing or CSR policy, it will be hard to
make it profitable, but it is changing slowly.  Also, till now we have no
serious national or city support for EVs as they have in western countries —
that should change next year.

5. How do you see the new Polish e-mobility plan influencing your e-mobility
businesses (or not)?

We need to wait to see what the details of this e-mobility plan will be.

Looks like our present government is making different things happen in
reality, so it should be working soon, and if so, it will at least create a
better climate and people will be more aware of EVs — because they are not
at the moment ...
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