100% electric tractor from Fendt runs for ‘5 continuous hours’
Sep 11, 2017  Jim Breen


Fendt Electric tractor runs for ‘5 continuous hours’




The Fendt e100 Vario is the first practical, battery-powered tractor that
can be used in most day-to-day yard operations without having to be
recharged multiple times each day, or so claims the German manufacturer.

The e100 Vario is an all-electric compact tractor with a power output of
50kW (circa 67hp). It can apparently operate for up to five continuous hours
under “real, actual” conditions.

The energy source is a 650V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of around
The battery is charged either with 400V and up to 22kW via a CEE outdoor
socket, or by a supercharging option. With a CCS Type 2 plug, the battery
can supposedly be recharged up to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Fendt says that its e100 Vario is compatible with conventional as well as
electrified implements. The tractor is fitted with two AEF-compliant power
interfaces for electrical equipment. A short-term boost of up to 150kW for
such implements can be provided by the battery.

A standard PTO connection is also available, as well as the usual hydraulic
supply (via remote spool valves) to implements.

“Precise control” of electrically-powered implements (which exist but are,
as yet, relatively rare) is promised – thanks to the tractor’s own
electrical drive system. The maximum torque for the PTO, for example, is
available from a standing start. Safety, according to Fendt, is “assured” by
an insulated design and ongoing electronic system monitoring.

A regulated, electrical heat pump performs the task of air conditioning the
cab, as well as controlling the temperature of the battery and electronics.

Energy management, including the tractor’s battery information, can be
monitored via a smartphone. Functions such as pre-heating in winter or air
conditioning in summer can be controlled in advance, when the tractor is
connected to the mains supply.
What are the key benefits of such a tractor? Maintenance work and costs are
reduced, says Fendt. Consumables such as engine oil, filters, AdBlue and
diesel are a thing of the past. The e100 Vario is also very quiet.

The e100 Vario will be out and about around Europe in 2018 in limited
numbers, initially on farms and in local authorities.
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According to AGCO/Fendt, the Fendt e100 Vario is the “first practical,
battery-powered tractor that can be used in normal operation for a full
working day without the need to recharge. High-capacity battery technology
is now available on the market that is ideal for use in compact tractors.
The ever-growing need to reduce noise and exhaust emissions is also a
driving force behind the development of electrical systems.” ... 

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