EVLN: Electric Toyota AE86 Drift EV> (drag racing e-motor& a boot full of
batteries) (v)
An All-Electric Toyota AE86 Exists, And We're Not Even Mad
It makes 330lb ft of torque instantly, meaning the electric powertrain will
happily overcome the 205-section rear boots … I Am Shocked By How Much I
Like This Electric Toyota AE86 Drift Car  ... Omead Moinee's 1986 AE86
Toyota Corolla with an electric motor ... It still keeps its five-speed
manual transmission, unlike most EV conversions ...
EVLN: Zero TS Aftermarket Tesla-S P100D EV kit looks PDQ
Zero to 60 Designs Gives the Tesla Model S a Radical Refresh
Forget the production hell of the Mesla Model 3. At last check Elon Musk was
stuck in Level Nine. So instead, feast your eyeballs on the Zero TS by Zero
to 60 …
EVLN: Bigfoot #20 monster Electric-truck in epic Mad Max ( pr) race
The world's first all-electric monster truck and 200mph plug-in ...
The footage shows the world's first fully electric monster truck battling it
out in a ... Undoubtedly the most impressive vehicle in the mix, the Bigfoot
#20 monster ...

OT (Desecration,Sacrilege,Blasphemy)> Dumb (fcvs) and Dumber (Tesla fcv)
Tesla Model S Hacked To Make The EV Run On h2 ...
The company sourced a second-hand Model S to conduct their experiment.
Adding another power source to the Tesla was no easy feat. These premium
electric ...

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