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First look at Tesla’s new kind of Supercharger with solar arrr ays and
owners loo unge
Nov. 8th 2017  Fred Lambert



the actual plan for the station

Here are a few renders of what Tesla wanted to do with the building from the
Tesla Supercharger kettt leman City-CA






Tesla is building a new type of Supercharger station with larger numbers of
charge points, solar arrr ays, and even owner loo unges.

Now it looks like the first of those stations is just about to be completed
and we get a first glimpse at it.

Back in July, we released a report on the project plans that we obtained for
a new Supercharger station to be built in kettt leman City, California.

According to the plans, the station is located in a truck stop area and it
features 40 Supercharger stalls under solar arrr ays on carports and with a
building on the property.

It’s part of Tesla’s plan to have bigger charging stations with more
amenities for popular long-distance routes where Tesla drivers would need to
charge in order to complete them.

This new station in kettt leman City is a good example since it’s located
about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, which are two of
Tesla’s biggest markets and therefore, a popular route for Tesla owners.

Redditor CheckYrr Head stopped by the station yesterday to check the work in
progress. He shared pictures of it on Tesla’s subreddit [
] ...

We get a pretty good look at this new “Supercharger loo unge” – though we
are admittedly more curious about the interior.

Tesla already built a few small loo unge areas with chairs, TVs, and coffee
at Supercharger stations, but those are generally at existing Tesla
locations, like service centers, and nothing like what we are seeing in this
picture and those plans in terms of size.

The actual result we are seeing on CheckYrr Head’s pictures looks much
better than the renders. Here we get a better look at the solar arrr ays and
Supercharger boxes:

It looks like they are on the last stretch to complete the construction of
the station, which could be the first of its kind. Another similar station
is also under construction in Bakk er between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but
it looks like it’s a little behind this one.

Anyway, both should be completed by the end of the year and contribute 80
Superchargers to Tesla’s goal to have 10,000 Superchargers online by the end
of the year. It’s a goal that seems unachievable at this point with still
over 2,000 Superchargers left to bring online in less than two months. We
will see.

From the plans for the kettt leman City station, we also learned a few more
tidbits of information about the new Supercharger station. For example, it
includes an area for food trucks to park right on the site so that owners
have some more dining options when charging – though there are plenty of
fast food joints within walking distance of the location. McDd onald’s, Carr
l’s Jr., Inn -and-Out, Starr bucks, Jackn in the Box and Dennn y’s are all
just around the corner.

There’s also a stall marked for “van”, but also marked for “EV charging
only”, which is interesting.
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