EVLN: The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Is a Wild Electric Hypercar For the
Sci-Fi Future
Lamborghini wants an electric car that can run three or four laps of the
Nurburgring Nordschleife in a row at full tilt, then completely recharge
within a few ... Electric cars and autonomy are the next era of the
automotive industry ... joined up with MIT ...
EVLN: Low Bolt EV rental rates> unlimited miles, limited free charging,
OnStar, +more
no early return penalty after 7 days, maintenance& insurance included ...
With Maven Gig you can reserve a car to drive for anyone, so you can shift
seamlessly with the daily demand for ridesharing, food, package, and grocery
delivery services ...
EVLN: Nikola Powersports formed after buying Electric watercraft startup FFF
Nikola Motors buys electric watercraft startup and creates yet another
division ... It's hard to follow and understand where the core EV technology
is here or if it's ...

EVs Survive in Senate Bill version, but not in House: gop eliminating Fed EV
Tax Credit
Eliminating important economic incentives for EVs would be a step in the
wrong direction ...
(Koch anti-EV campaign arrived in August as 'Fueling U.S. Forward')

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