% ?Not ready for Prime Time? %

The pr:

 has a bad/boogered link (their webmaster did not register the leading  www. 

www.drivethearc.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is
only valid for drivethearc.com Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

 so use the first link (that does not have the leading www. )
to bring up their page.

-So, what is the big deal? Evgo is touting their EVSE (and wiz-bang app).
Look at
(map of DRIVEtheARC’s charging locations)

Note: I found it curious that at the end of the pr, before the who's-who, it

* The service will be available to limited LEAF users due to the
experimental nature of the project.

?Huh? ... If it isn't available to everyone, why are they announcing it?
Sounds like this bass-ackwards/unproofed press release ... is about nothing

[video  dated
Seinfeld - The Nothing Pitch - 2:25
May 12, 2010 - Uploaded by Liihdeoz
Scene from "The Pitch" 4x03. Jerry and George discuss an idea for a pilot
for NBC. A show about nothing ...
 ... Which EVs are eligible for the campaign?    This project aims to
evaluate EV driving behavior analysis before/after the QC network rollout
and real time information service provision. For the project purpose, EV
models with capability to provide probe data for before/after analysis will
primarily be eligible for the “charge for free” campaign. Due to the
specification of the QC protocol of the eligible EVs, chargers don’t
recognize the EV models at the time of charging if they also use the same QC
protocol. Thus other EV models using the same QC protocol as the eligible
EVs will also be eligible for the “charge for free” campaign ...

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