I got my first look at what appeared to be, not a prototype nor
pre-production, but a real live white production Tesla Model 3. 

(Why I was out n about)
The rains are starting up again, and that had me lose sleep last night
worrying about being flooded out again. I just bought a newer vehicle for
the out-of-state relocation I hope to achieve, as a replacement to the small
sedan I rarely drive.

I got my head together, drove that sedan to the store to snap up some items
to allow me to use the newer vehicle's rear cargo area as a temporary
nap/rest area (parked elsewhere on higher ground for hours as I wait for the
flood waters to recede). 

That drive (to and from) had me hearing the sedan's wheel bearing getting
louder and louder with each excursion (a reminder of the previous
salty-sewage flood waters that damaged the sedan, and why I do not want that
to happen to the newer vehicle).

I headed back home before the heavier highway traffic hit. Just as I made a
left turn, I saw a whilte Tesla-3 EV waiting at the light to go south on one
of the major highway arteries (84), which goes to facebook, or passes by it
as you bridge-cross the S.SF bay.

The first image below is not the vehicle but it looked similar. My left turn
in front of it had me ogle at the Tesla-3's front profile, that it was
shorter than Tesla-S, and lastly a double take effort to careen my neck to
gape at the Tesla-3's rear to assure me, yup that was a Tesla-3 alright (no

But where was this mild mannered Tesla-3 EV coming from? 
And where was it going to?
I still had to complete my task before my energy level was spent, else I
would have followed it.

But I can conjecture as to what was going on. The road the Tesla-3 was on,
connects to Hwy84. Normally, one would just take Hwy101 to connect to Hwy84,
but many people like to use side roads to avoid traffic. Working backwards,
that side road the Tesla-3 was on, is used by the affluent high-tech and
bio-med employees' companies a few miles away.

(Where was it going?)
When the Tesla-3 drove onto Hwy84, they could have been heading to facebook
after a late lunch downtown, or on their way across a bay bridge heading
home. Check out a quickie map I put together;

Seeing that Tesla-3 was a nice farewell treat, because where I am relocating
to, there will be next to nil EVs on the road.


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