Fisker Battery Promises 500 Mile EV Range, 1 Minute Charging
Nov. 14, 2017  Matthew Humphries


This new battery uses three-dimensional electrodes to hold 2.5x the energy
density of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion continues to be the number one choice for rechargeable batteries
powering the gadgets we have in our pockets, the laptops we have in our
bags, and the electric vehicles we drive. But we need new battery tech which
is both safer to use and offers much higher energy density. Automotive
company Fisker may have the answer.

Fisker is best known for creating the Fisker Karma electric luxury sports
sedan back in 2012 and now the EMotion [
]. As Green Car Congress reports, Fisker this week filed a patent for a new
solid-state battery. If it lives up to expectations, this battery will
provide electric vehicles with a range of over 500 miles on a single charge.
On top of that, recharging will only take a minute.

That impressive combination of range and charge time is thanks to the use of
three-dimensional electrodes by Fisker. It allows the solid-state battery to
hold 2.5 times the energy density of the equivalent lithium-ion battery.

Fisker has apparently already overcome some limitations of current
solid-state battery technology including cold temperature operation and
charging time. Low cost and scalable manufacturing is promised, but Fisker
also points to the flexibility of its battery tech allowing it to be tweaked
to work with existing tooling, which again cuts costs and speeds up

We shouldn't expect to see Fisker's battery appear anytime soon, though. The
patent is filed and Fisker is now talking with both automotive and
non-automotive companies about partnerships. Commercial application of the
solid-state battery isn't expected until 2023. Even so, one minute
recharging in five years sounds pretty good to me.
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