Electric car owner is accused of 'risking lives' by charging his BMW i3 with
an unsafe extension cable on his driveway in the pouring rain
23 November 2017  Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Binman George Wood spotted this BMW i3 parked in the rain getting recharged
using a domestic electricity extension cable without any added water
Bin man George Wood, pictured, said electricity and water do not mix

 - Binman George Wood saw the BMW i3 being charged outside a house in
 - The car's all-weather charging cable was attached to an indoor extension 
 - Mr Wood said the extension cable was 'drenched in rain'  and very
 - He warned the wet cable could have caused a fire or given someone a shock 

A binman accused an electric car owner of charging his vehicle with an
extension cable exposed to the pouring rain - and claims someone could have
been killed.

George Wood spotted the 'dangerously' set up BMW i3 on a neighbouring drive
while out in Ipswich, Suffolk, last week and felt compelled to take a

The image clearly shows the heavy-duty car charger connected to a long cable
reel hub that sits on the gravel path apparently drenched in rain, with the
extension lead trailing off towards the resident's front door.

Mr Wood slammed the owner, claiming that charging the vehicle in this way in
the rain could have electrocuted him or another passerby.

The 34-year-old believes electric car owners should have better awareness of
the potential dangers of their car in adverse weather conditions - saying
'messing about' with electricity isn't worth your life.

However BMW, manufacturers of the vehicle in George's picture, reassured
owners that it was safe to charge electric cars in the rain but pointed out
that extension cables should not be used or fires are a possibility.

Mr Wood said: 'I know electric cars are trendy at the minute but people need
to be aware of the dangers.

'It (the set-up in the picture) is just dangerous isn't it? It's electricity
at the end of the day and you can't mess about with it.

'It can still kill you or do damage. That car owner could have been

'The gentlemen actually came out of his house after I took the photo and I
left at will. There was no confrontation of any kind.

'The gentleman watched me go then just went back inside his house. I suppose
he must have noticed I was taking a photo of his car.

'The electricity was running and it's just not something you mess about with
is it?'

Mr Wood says that whilst electric cars are the future, proper precautions
should be taken while charging.

Mr Wood said: 'I drive a Peugeot van. It gets me to work and back.

'I think electric cars are definitely the way forward it just needs to be
done much more safely. My wife drives a petrol and I drive a diesel.'

'I shared the pictures on social media and people agreed that whilst it's
"trendy" to have an electric car, it can be really dangerous.

'I showed the pictures to my wife Emily too, and she was shocked.

'It was raining on that day and the guy just had it hooked up with an
extension cable.

'That's so dangerous. There's a complete lack of understanding about
electricity in the picture. It's just common sense isn't it?

'Electricity and water don't mix. It could have sparked, cut out, or even
worse. A lot of people's reactions online were essentially saying how silly
it was.

'The thing was wired into an open mains and it was pouring with rain.

'Electricity just isn't something you mess around with. A passerby could
have easily been electrocuted.

'I just think it's important that people see it to understand how dangerous
it is.'

Guidelines in BMW's maintenance brouchure state: 'Use the charging cable
only for charging the vehicle and do not extend it with cables or adapters.

'Otherwise, it may not be possible to complete the charging process or
property damage might occur, e.g., due to a cable fire.'
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bin man (UK); dustman (UK); garbage collector (US, Canada); garbage man
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Canada); trashman (US, Canada)
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