EVLN: $35k Utah-tough insane Nikola0 e-UTV ts:80mph/129kph
We tested an insane electric UTV with more energy capacity ... 125 kWh of
energy capacity in a relatively small battery pack – beating any electric
vehicle ...
EVLN: M&M e-rickshaws(e-tuks) 4sale in Delhi& r:85km ts:25kph
M&M looking to launch e-rickshaw
Kolkata: Amid the buzz about vehicular pollution and a regulatory push by
the government, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is looking to launch an electric
rickshaw ...

What it takes to install a public L3 DC charging station
How to set up a public electric vehicle charging station, the fast charging
So far, when businesses have looked at installing electric vehicle charging,
most have opted to go for slower, Level 2 charging which provides most
vehicles ... scaremongering> Garbo sez EV charging w/ extension in rain is
really dangerous
Electric car owner is accused of 'risking lives' by charging his BMW i3 ...
A binman accused an electric car owner of charging his vehicle with an
extension cable exposed to the pouring rain - and claims ... unsafe ...
drives ice ...

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