Man converts dilapidated Citroën AX into homemade electric car
24 Nov 2017   Leon Poultney


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Meet Sergei Rusakov, the Minsk resident who has caused a stir in the
electric vehicle world by creating his very own battery powered car after
reading a few articles on the Internet.

The young Belarusian claims that the general attitude towards electric
vehicles is that they are overly complex "imaginary" objects that couldn't
possibly be crafted by the average human being.

But in a bold move to dispel this theory, Sergei set about researching
numerous articles online about electric vehicles and then decided to convert
an ageing Citroën AX into a battery-powered eco machine.

Sergei says the he has no formal training or education and ordered the
necessary parts after researching the technology himself online.

Underneath the bonnet of his rusty AX, a large battery pack and controller
sits where the engine, radiator and other oily bits would have once resided.

The budding Elon Musk-a-like explains that an electric motor is hidden
beneath another panel, which is connected to a "standard four-speed
gearbox", while numerous wires and cables are precariously dangled around
the old engine bay and inside the vehicle.

Sergei says that the eco AX took him around three months to complete and it
was originally created as a "study" exercise.

"It turned out that no special training is necessary," he explains in the
video clip.

"You should just take a serious approach toward the issue and everything can
be done," he adds.
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