EVLN: Pfitzer's Tesla-S wide body kit (v)
Celebrity car customizer reimagines Tesla Model S with wide body kit ...
parts trade show when it unveiled a wide body transformation of the
all-electric sedan ...
EVLN: (inside BYD T9 CLASS-8 e-TRACTOR r:150km ts:90kph |
THE BYD T9 CLASS-8 TRACTOR ... showed off ... in ... GCW of
120,000 lb and a range of 92 miles or about 150 km ... NYSERDA to convert
UPS package delivery vehicles from diesel to electric ...

+ sez EV owners can top up with free charging at work
Electric cars get a big plug with free charging at work
ELECTRIC car owners will be able to top them up for free at work if
employers provide charging points ...
Recycling-biz mine spent EV batteries to remove metals for reuse
Metal Recycling Businesses Prepare for More Electric Cars
Recycling businesses are improving processes to remove metals from old
batteries ... New technology is helping to recover more waste metal from
used batteries ...

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