% IMO, 2steps forward, 1step back. Reminds me of when oil companies started
using PVs to power oil pump rigs because it was cheaper (they did not care
that it was cleaner). %

Chinese Yard Launches Battery-Powered Coal Carrier
2017-11-14  MarEx

Electric coal barge  Image via Chinese state media

On November 12, CSSC subsidiary Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI)
launched what may be the world's first all-electric, battery-powered inland
coal carrier. The 2,000 dwt vessel will carry bulk cargo for up to 40 nm per
charge along a stretch of the Pearl River at speeds of up to seven knots –
all without generating its own emissions. The vessel began testing on

The ship carries lithium ion batteries rated at 2,400 kilowatt-hours, about
the same amount as 30 high-end Tesla Model S electric sedans. It recharges
in two hours, according to GSI. Chinese media reports and images from the
launch indicate that it relies on two Voith-type cycloidial drives for

"As the ship is fully electric powered, it poses no threats to the
environment. The technology will soon be likely . . . used in passenger or
engineering ships," said Huang Jialin, chairman and general manager of naval
architecture firm Hangzhou Modern Ship Design & Research, which designed the

According to the general manager of GSI, Chen Ji, the all-electric vessel
will be cheaper to operate than a conventional coal carrier, saving money
for the operators of coal-fired power plants. "The main cost of the new
energy cargo ship depends on how much lithium battery it is equipped with,"
Chen told China Daily. He added that there are few obstacles to larger
vessels with bigger batteries and more deadweight tonnage. 

The impetus for the new vessel comes in part from the region’s electric
power plant operator. "The Pearl River Delta water network is [busy] and the
high-pollution and high-energy-consuming bulk carriers in inland waterways
transport do not meet the development needs of Guangzhou. We hope to make
some attempts to upgrade and upgrade inland navigation vessels by using new
energy technologies," said Wu Zhulin, chairman of power generation and
energy firm Guangzhou Development Group Co.
[© 2017 The Maritime Executive]

Eco-Friendly Cargo Ship Ironically Used to Haul Coal in Guangzhou
November 22, 2017 ... While the electric vessel releases zero emissions of
fossil fuel pollutants, in a slight twist of irony, the boat is being used
to haul coal (a notoriously dirty energy source) that will be burnt to
produce electricity, which will in turn power lights and electric cars and…
'eco-friendly' cargo ships ...
Electric ship: powered by and carrying coal (scratching head)
November 25th, 2017 ... While intriguing as a step forward toward a more
energy-efficient and lower-polluting future, the particular situation does
set one ill at ease:
    “On its inaugural run, the vessel was loaded with thermal coal.”
    And, to add another wrinkle to the equation, across China, coal accounts
for roughly 70% of electricity production.
        While wind and solar are booming, with nuclear also expanding, dirty
electricity remains the predominant reality across the PRC
Construction of first fully-electric cargo ship 
World's first fully electric cargo ship launched in China: All about it
November 16, 2017 ... recently launched in China ... World's first fully
electronic cargo ship ...
China spoils the launch of world's first electric cargo ship by using it to
haul coal
Nov 30, 2017  The good news is that China, the world leader in electric
vehicle production and use, has launched the world's first all-electric,
2,200-ton cargo ship. ... Sadly, the Chinese spoiled the launch of this
otherwise green cargo ship by using it to transport coal for electricity
generation on the Pearl River in Guangdong Province ...

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