Thanks for the responses. I now have an email contact, but am posting this 
portion here as I believe it has value as general knowledge. Jerry, if you can 
offer prices for either module, please pop an email to me. I will be able to 
arrange pickup by a friend who lives in Orlando and works in Naples, passing 
minutes away from your location.
Using eBay as a reference, I've found a low-cost Leaf module, $75 for 43 ah at 
7.6v. I need a minimum of 48 volts, which would be 7 modules, bringing the 
total including shipping to $665.
Volt modules are listing $245 for 45 ah but at only 45v nominal. I can't expect 
that it's an easy matter to add a single cell or cell bundle to get closer to 
48v or slightly higher. I probably can use the 45v because the chemistry 
suffers little from Peukert effect and the low voltage cut-out is somewhere 
around 42v, I believe. With shipping, the total is $270, less than half the 
Leaf bundle.
Allowing for what I've learned from Jerry's posts, I'd end up with two Leaf 
modules and I think his prices were better. That means other than the lower 
voltage, I'd come out ahead with the Volt bundle compared to the Leaf.
If my math is incorrect or appears to be based on something unrealistic, please 
let me know.
The mower draws a max of 40 amperes and that's not very frequently. It runs 
steadily at about 20-24 amperes. I'm inclined to believe this means I won't be 
overheating the pack, regardless of my selection. By the same token, charging 
would be done with a chemistry specific charger at about 6 amperes. Even though 
the Volt packs can be/are liquid cooled, I believe that I won't need active 
cooling at such a low rate. Again, please correct any misconceptions you see.
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