Hi folks
My last employer put in 10ea 120vac 20a EV charging outlets *much* cheaper than 
fancy charging stations since you're stuck at work for 9 hours anyway 8am-5pm 
you get a full charge in that time (or close to it for most EVs/distance). 
Mark in Roanoke Va www.REEVAdiy.org 
Dave Roden wrote:
> I don't think that insisting people take time out from work to move their 
> cars when charged, subject to their cars being ticketed or towed, is the way 
> to get more of them into EVs.  
> From an employer's perspective, such interruptions don't help productivity.
> What if you're in a critical meeting when the "time's up" message arrives?
> I'd rather see employers install enough EVSEs to support all their EV 
> drivers, but that's probably unrealistic.

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