Watch a Tesla Model S P100D smoke a Porsche 911 R (up to a point)
December 11, 2017  Wesley Wren


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Chris Harris drag races the all-electric luxe sedan against one hot Porsche

The Tesla Model S just keeps getting quicker with age. The latest addition
to the Tesla Model S family is the P100D, which has more range and is a
better performer than the previous top dog Tesla, the P90D. Trying to grasp
what 'better performer' means, “Top Gear” presenter Chris Harris pitted the
all-electric luxe sedan against the Porsche 911 R in a drag race.

After spending the first few minutes of the video fighting with the Tesla’s
settings to get it into the ludicrous speed mode, Harris showed that the
Tesla accelerates harder than the stick-shifted and rear-wheel drive
Porsche. Harris eventually hops behind the wheel of the Porsche to show how
much effect the driver has on launching and driving the rear-wheel-drive
sports car versus simply letting the all-wheel-drive electric sedan’s
accelerator mashing launch procedure.

The Porsche losing this drag race really shouldn’t be a shock -- there's
almost instant torque available from the Tesla’s electric motors plus AWD
traction, while the RWD Porsche’s rear tires fight for grip. What is
surprising is how much Harris likes this heavy luxe barge on the road.
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