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Basic configuration of an ORION BMS, Technical Video
Marco Gaxiola
Published on Aug 1, 2017
This is a technical video about the BMS systems of the ORION-EWERT
Technologies brand, which in my experience are some of the best systems
available in the open market for energy management with lithium batteries.
They are not easy teams to connect, or to configure, and although this video
lasts 32 minutes; I only manage to cover some details, tips and minimum
recommendations. However, it will help those who are initiating in these
systems. The connection and installation of these systems must be done by
people with knowledge and professional experience in EVs and lithium

6:23 / 32:46
ok I'll start with the exception of
all parts that contain the schedule or
there is a meeting system although the
first connections and the most
important are those of the salty is the
physical earth then has in this volta
a cable of many colors with several
cables of many types have two
drivers and so on
this cable is what keeps all the
data communication
the campus that connects the battery of
auto to battery charger to many
other parts of the vehicle though
after here comes another cable is
that there are only two requirements
slim eye this cable so low
voltage or not
all this everything will remove opera
with 12 volts with the car battery
normal because we are going to prepare the
high voltage battery that is the bank
of battery main battery
12 volts in the whole territory for
operate under voltage this case of success
that come to more 2 222 wires here
in orange and black goes in this part here
he is in charge of monitoring the
Main voltage of the battery bank
principado sa is practically going
to study the lithium bank for
batteries throughout the system the
homeland are on this side
this cable will monitor the attack of
main battery bank what more
we have have apart we have installed
another one a month that the one that is going to change
this one is also dedicated to
monitor the battery bank
main but here comes a droplet and
this one obviously
a historian others more the current
that flows into the system through this
inductive census this sensor
practically what you have to do is
of the battery bank happens either in
positive or negative
those who go towards the engine I'm
assuming that the engine is
opposite or the traction system and the
bank the fair after one of the two
cables go through the census
then the current that industry
within the defender the very capable of
monitor with that constant monitoring
principal and with this the
current and these additional cables that
there are four sensors here
temperature they call territorial and
They are practically some bags of
plastic that come here in submerged
in plastic you are already received then
these four sensors we can
schedule three of them can go well
in the condition in between the
depending on how they fit in and one
can be used at room temperature
temperature is doing in the
outside and what temperature it has
internally the batteries between more
stuck between the cells and all these
factors is better this this is because
one out and all the icons but this
it would be the other part
well out of here and nothing else
we have to call it Celtic in this case
they are efe cam I will send those harnesses
to there and to here and in this stadium
is configured for a package of
so that's why they're banking
here we have a block of head
yellow then a block of red wires
and an orangeade each block are 12
here we have 12 24 36
then we need another one with this more
to have 48 and that side here
where we have the Celts who call him not
defend the first set up of the defense
we are towards me is that it is of the
Logo part of Orion logo
here comes number one number 2 and
number 3 of Inca with Hector brings
only three groups one two and three
the first group etc
well the first three groups the group
1 which are 12 cells of the analyzed
then the second group that are the reds
the third group which are the yellow ones 12
24 36 and the fourth group in this case
nothing else come loaded with 12 because
already with this the 48 are completed

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