EVLN: Tesla-3 EV handling snow-covered rutted off-road track on standard
tires (v)
The current versions of Tesla's flagship vehicles control power to all four
wheels through dual independently operated electric motors, providing
unparalleled traction in even the worst of winter conditions. Short of
driving your Tesla through a snow-covered off-road track with deep, muddy
ruts, Model S and Model X's ...

Verne Troyer just got a Tesla Model S for Kids and says it’s a beast
December 28, 2017  Not long after, Troyer began his “unboxing” of the Model
S for Kids, where he gave a surprisingly complete rundown of the miniature
vehicle's features. During the course of the video, Troyer showed off the
miniature car's frunk, Tesla-branded charger, and its battery pack. The
Austin Powers star also took ...
Good News: EVs Are Not Crashing the Grid
Dec 27, 2017  First, despite fears that EVs would overwhelm the existing
electric grid infrastructure, only a very minor fraction of them—0.19
percent—have actually necessitated distribution system or service line
upgrades. Moreover, this data point has translated to relatively low levels
of EV-related spending on grid maintenance: of the $5 ...

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