I think I've mentioned that an Ultravan from the 60's weights about the same as 
a Nissan Leaf.  Putting the Leaf drive train in the Ultravan would be a good 
retro mod.  With a 3kw solar array it would charge in 10 hours of sun.  However 
it might not be the freeway runner the Leaf is at 22 feet long and 8 feet wide 
although better than any RV.  Some mirror replacement and wheel well covering 
might be needed. Possibly a better way might be a VW bus chopped down or even 
better a purpose built body to put on the VW bus pan.  Weighing in at 1500 
pounds with a 2kw solar array it would charge quickly and might even cruise at 
25mph on the array alone on level ground.  I am trying to avoid building a 
purpose built vehicle from the ground up.  Seems a daunting task.  I am 
currently figuring out a design to put over my recumbent trike. 2kw battery 800 
watt array.  It is all very scale-able. What I learn from the trike will help 
with future projects.The current philosophy is more batteries.  I think 
efficiency is a better way.   Lawrence Rhodes
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