I went to visit my brother and really needed to charge.
The 3 spots in front of the evGo station were ICEd.
Been here before.

I parked facing the back of the charger and ran the CHAdeMO across the
intervening sidewalk.

Then I noticed the driver in one of the cars.

So I said hello.   I asked him if he knew what these electrical boxes were,
and he did not.

So I told him, they are electric car chargers,
I drove up from Jersey and between the distance and the heat,
I needed to charge...

and I told him that they really are supposed to have signs
so that people know how important those spots are.

He seemed to appreciate learning about it...

I did not ask him to move, and he didn't offer.
I wished him a good day.  Maybe in the future, he'll park where I parked
and I won't need to run the cable across the sidewalk.
(it was daylight,  and the mall was pretty empty at the time ;-)
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