> From: Lee Hart <leeah...@earthlink.net>
> David Chapman via EV wrote:
>> Lee I really appreciate the lead
>> on the GE handbook, I downloaded it and indeed that circuit on pg 293
>> looks perfect for this project…

So, it sounds like one of the goals of the project is to put something together 
from components?

Because I thought Lee’s idea of finding a variable-speed electric drill at a 
thrift store or yard sale was really an excellent idea.

You can probably do so for less than the costs of buying components, especially 
if you’re going to pay “single piece” shipping on them.

And the drill speed control has the advantage of having been designed for motor 
speed control. Newer ones even use pulse-width-modulation, which you can tell 
if it makes a squealing or whistling sound at low speed. That sort of 
controller is going to give you the best low-speed control, with lots more 

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