Nice clip; however, I could not help from noticing the trip was all downhill.  
Makes one wonder ... did the CitiVan function?

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With the passing of Ursula Le Guin this week, I decided to watch the old PBS
"Lathe of Heaven" movie, which I haven't seen in decades.  Filmed in 1979,
the picture tells us that it's set "In the Near Future".  Lo and behold,
about 3/4 the way through the film, the protagonist jumps into a CitiCar and
zooms off.  Any old-timers on the list know anything about how the car ended
up in the film?  Here's a link to a clip from the film, complete with the
no-budget CGI hamburger-looking alien spaceships flying around:

▶ Full Video: Lathe of Heaven 
Video player featuring videos from Kyle Feller

Bill Dennis


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