EVLN: MVTA e-bus shuttling Super Bowl 52 fans 2/4
An electric bus will shuttle fans to Super Bowl 52 this weekend
Regardless of whether the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots score
the most points, electric vehicles will be a winner at Super Bowl 52. The
Minnesota ...
EVLN: (spied) BMW 2019 MINI Cooper E> 94Ah battery offered
Spyshots: 2019 MINI Electric Vehicle Getting Closer to Production
Remember when MINI was written Mini and made mini-sized cars? The automaker
is a different animal altogether since BMW took over control, and to this
effect, the centerpiece of the range is at odds with the original designed
in the 1950s by Alec Issigonis. If the British-Greek designer were still
alive, he'd be shocked to ...

Used Fiat 500e electric cars outside California: is service an issue for
Jan 31, 2018  Used Fiat 500e electric cars outside California: is service …
So you've always wanted to drive a … Andrea Kerr driving Fiat 500e electric
car in autocross, Great Park, Irvine, Califronia, July 2017 ...
SDG&E Seeks Approval To Build Electric Truck Charging Network
January 29, 2018  The San Diego region’s transition to electric vehicles
—which can help to dramatically reduce air pollution—is getting another
major boost. San Diego Gas …
First-ever self-driving delivery on public roads sees groceries ...
January 30, 2018  Laury said Udelv's truck costs only 5 cents per mile in
electricity costs, is safer for the public, and more environmentally
friendly than delivery vehicles powered by fossil fuels. The automated truck
will let Draeger's get groceries to customers within one to two hours,
instead of the next-day delivery available now, Draeger said ...
udelv makes first public road test delivery from autonomo…
20180131  ... company, unveiled its autonomous ...
Georgia to take second try at electric-car tax credit after killing first
Jan 29, 2018  Several years ago, Georgia offered a generous state-tax credit
for purchase of a zero-emission vehicle, and its sales of electric cars
boomed. When state politics interceded to kill that credit in 2015—and add a
new tax specifically on those same vehicles—the state became a case study on
what happens when such ...

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