For the use with your 2013 Leaf, you would either
- need to stay below ~80A from the 12V battery, so below 1kW
- tap into the high voltage yourself
- find an affordable CHAdeMO inverter, which seems to be an oxymoron
  as even the plug is excessively pricey
- or find an external power supply that you transport with the Leaf.

My earlier reply was taking as given your request to power the 1 - 2kW
from an inverter (I suggested to use a cheap used UPS for this) and
the UPS battery with the Leaf's aux battery and DC/DC converter
continuous 80A charging.

Another alternative is to avoid the (often horribly inefficient) AC
solutions and
find an efficient DC powered blower so you can stay well below the 80A
at 12V
and power it directly from the Leaf's aux battery.

Even though it is relatively easy to access the Leaf's HV battery pack
voltage and power the
internal contactors from external 12V, I would not recommend this
solution as it risks
disabling your Leaf, besides obvious risks in dealing with HVDC.

My previous EV truck had a 120V battery pack, for which I bought a cheap
used UPS that
came without batteries in the external battery cases, so all I needed to
do was to wire
its cord to my pack via the breaker that I also removed from the battery
case and I could
plug the UPS inverter into my EV pack for up to 3kVA of power.

For the power at this green event, what is provided to other activities?
If it is possible to run an extension cord then that is much greener
than building a dedicated
If there is a solar setup, even if it does not produce the required 1kW,
can you have the panels
charge (a set of) batteries that run the inverter to power the bounce
house blower?
That would send a powerful message of having fun on solar power, even if
not *all* the power
is coming from the sun at that time - as long as you can supplement the
power that is needed,
no point in "ruined fun because the sun dd not shine". So, make sure
that the additional energy
needed (from your EV or from batteries charged and swapped out of
needed) can support
the power drawn for the bounce house during the whole period of the

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Hi all.

question for the EV connoiseurs out there:

I have a 2013 Nissan Leaf with a ChaDeMo port.  Are there any portable
V2G units that can plug in and provide 2KW of power?
Alternately, are there any other EVs that support such a thing?

I saw such a thing at a Nissan booth at a recent event.
but it didn't look like it was aimed at mobile use.
And evidently they have a new system which would meet my needs:
but it's only available in Japan for now.

The application is a bounce house at a green fair; evidently those need
2KW during inflation, and 1KW during operation ( see

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