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> For the power at this green event, what is provided to other activities?
> If it is possible to run an extension cord then that is much greener
> than building a dedicated solution.

I think no power is provided.  (That's fairly standard at farmers' markets
in Los Angeles, something I'd like to change.)  I think this event will
be in a public park.  In any case, I was told we would need a generator
just for the bounce house, so I'm trying to find a replacement to power
just that one thing.

> If there is a solar setup, even if it does not produce the required 1kW,
> can you have the panels charge (a set of) batteries that run the inverter
> to power the bounce house blower?
> That would send a powerful message of having fun on solar power, even if
> not *all* the power is coming from the sun at that time - as long as you
> can supplement the power that is needed,
> no point in "ruined fun because the sun dd not shine". So, make sure
> that the additional energy needed (from your EV or from batteries
> charged and swapped out of needed) can support the power drawn
> for the bounce house during the whole period of the event.
> Success!



- Nichicon confirms they don't have a US model of the portable cademo
-> 110v unit yet.
- I'm talking with the guy who put solar on my roof; he also offers batteries
now (I gather Tesla PowerWall 2 and Sonnen Eco).  I have no idea
if it's practical or wise to try to use one of those for this application,
but I could imagine lugging one of them over charged, and using
a panel or three during the day -- to show power going in, if nothing else.
Anyway, even if it's not, we could put up a solar panel in front of
the gas generator :-)

- Dan
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