Battery-powered electric plane successfully completes first flight
Jan 8th, 2018  Shazma Khan


We already knew that battery-powered and electric planes were in works.
Recently, an electric aircraft has successful completed its first flight in

Electric cars and trucks are old news now, as the future is moving towards
larger electric vehicles (EV) such as airplanes. Aircraft manufacturer
Pipistrel manufactured a single-engine, two-seater electric airplane named
Pipistrel Alpha Electro. The test flight was conducted in Perth.

The electric plane runs on two lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used
in Tesla's EV. The batteries help function the plane for an hour along with
30 minutes of extra power in reserve. As for their entire lifetime, the
batteries can provide almost 1,000 total flying hours for the plane. The
plane can be fully charged within an hour with the help of a supercharger,
reported Futurism.

The company is working with a local startup Electro.Aero to bring the
electric planes for normal use. Being safer and easier to fly, founder of
Electro.Aero expressed, Electric propulsion is a lot simpler than a petrol
engine. Inside a petrol engine you have hundreds of moving parts.

Furthermore, the plane is also cheaper than the conventional ones. The
engine of the EV costs around AUD 3 an hour one tenth the cost of a fuel
engine. It requires 60kW of power to take off and only 20kW to cruise; it
does that all without creating any noise.

Pilot Robert Bodley said, It's more comfortable. The vibration is less, the
heating is less, it's a more stable aircraft as well.

By mid-January, local pilots will be start to train for flying the electric
plan, and registered pilots will be needed to complete a familiarization
flight before flying it independently. ABC News reported that the company
plans to build charging stations for electric panels to the solar array.
Also, in future, electric air-taxis will also be seen in skies carrying up
to five people.
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An electric passenger plane in works

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